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Master of Education Technology Program Learning Outcomes

The following learning objectives were created through an iterative process of development by the BSU Ed Tech faculty based on their expertise and experience. They reflect professional standards as used by organizations like the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT).

1. Design and Development

Design and develop technology enhanced educational or training materials and content (e.g., curriculum, instruction, performance supports) to maximize motivation, engagement, efficacy and efficiency with respect to learning. 

2. Pedagogy and Theory

Demonstrate the ability to integrate pedagogical approaches and educational technologies in practical classroom teaching and training as well as the ability to reflect on the effective application of technology-supported pedagogical approaches. 

3. Evaluation and Assessment

Use technology to facilitate appropriate assessment and evaluation strategies and determine the effectiveness of technology in curriculum or instruction.

4. Ethics

Apply professional and ethical standards (e.g., accessibility, diversity, copyright) to all aspects of teaching and learning.

5. Leadership

Demonstrate educational technology leadership in school and community through research and innovations in emerging teaching and learning environments (e.g., online, blended, mobile, game-based, competency-based).

List of Artifacts

My portfolio uses the following artifacts to demonstrate my understanding and implementation of the PLOs listed above:

EDTECH 501: Flipped Classroom Presentation [PLO 5]
EDTECH 501: Profession Ethics Animation [PLO 4] 
EDTECH 503: Analysis of Learning Context [PLO 2]
EDTECH 503: Needs Assessment [PLO 3]
EDTECH 503: Teaching Gamers the Art of Nonviolent Communication: Part 1 [PLO 5]
EDTECH 505: Evaluation of On-Screen Talent [PLO 3] 
EDTECH 505: Logic Model [PLO 5]
EDTECH 505: Peer Review Document for the Evaluation Project Part 1 [PLO 3]
EDTECH 506: Infographic on Proper Wrist Placement [PLO 2]
EDTECH 512: Communicating with Empathy [PLO 1, PLO 4] 
EDTECH 512: Critique an Online Course [PLO 3] 
EDTECH 512: Formative Evaluation [PLO 3] 
EDTECH 512: Mapping the course & Instructional planning [PLO 1] 
EDTECH 512: Rationale and Reflection [PLO 2] 
EDTECH 522: Design Framework [PLO 1]
EDTECH 522: OBS Tutorial [PLO 1, PLO2]
EDTECH 543: Content Curation [PLO 4]
EDTECH 543: Creative Depiction of CoPs, PLNs, Connectivism [PLO 1, PLO 2]
EDTECH 543: Criteria for Effective Curation [PLO 4]
EDTECH 543: Criteria for Quality Curation [PLO 5]
EDTECH 543: Positive Digital Footprint and Reputation Management Plan [PLO 4, PLO 5]


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