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Starting A New Journey

When ESports was just an idea in Dr. Haskell's mind, I had never touched Overwatch. Then, during the Spring of 2017, he gave me the opportunity to try Overwatch for the first time. I was in love. That summer I spent many weeks in bed recovering from throat surgery, but luckily I had Overwatch on my PlayStation 4 to keep me occupied. During the Fall of 2017, I transferred to PC and joined the club TESPA team at Boise State University. Honing my skills, hoping to climb the ranks as much as I could on my own. Then, in the Fall of 2018, I tried out for the Varsity Overwatch Team and made it.


I was surprised considering my skill was that of the average player base. However, since joining the team I have learned that there is more to college-level Esports than just raw in-game skill. Your ability to learn, take criticism, plan, prep, and play as a team all funnel into each match you play. Beyond that, this sport has taught me how crucial skill flexibility is. In my short time on the team thus far I have gone from being the off-tank player, dps, to main heal, and now I am currently the flex heal. 

From my first tryout to know I have climbed a total of 3 ranks, and over 1000 skill rank points in Overwatch. I plan to continue to elevate my gameplay to its highest potential everyday.

Representing My University

The Summer following my first year on the team I was given the opportunity to travel to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. While there myself, and six other teammates, were tasked with representing Boise State University, while giving a student's perspective and input to the National Association of Collegiate Esports, NACE. The NCAA of the ESports world so to speak.

I will be traveled to Las Vegas to Represent our Mountain West Overwatch team and compete for the title of Champion. 

Since then I have been given the wonderful opportunity to host my own one-on-one streams on the Boise State University Twitch page. As well as, host live broadcasts of our other esports teams on Twitch.

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