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Evaluation & Assessment

Use technology to facilitate appropriate assessment and evaluation strategies and determine the effectiveness of technology in curriculum or instruction.

PLO 3 Video

Evaluation of On-Screen Talent

In EDTECH 505, I developed and implemented a Program Evaluation. The evaluation plan within this project outlined the use of different technology resources to evaluate the performance of the Springfield Esports Production. I chose the art connoisseur model for my evaluation. I learned about other evaluation models implemented for different situations leading up to this decision. This artifact demonstrates my ability to define an evaluaitons scope and plan of evlaution based on the information given to me prior to an evaluation period. This information enables me to evaluate esports programs and projects to determine if they are achieving the desirred outcomes. 

Evaluation Method.JPG

Formative Evaluation 

Formative Eval.JPG

In EDTECH 512, I developed the course Communicating with Empathy. The process of development included creating and implementing a formative evaluation. This artifact demonstrates my ability to develop and evaluaiton to allow for the imporment of an online course. I developed the evaluation to cover format, content, design, and navigation. I intentionally chose evaluators that would offer different perspectives on the course. While all evaluators contributed information that changed the layout of the course, the evaluator that had the least amount of knowledge of the course topic provided some of the most vital information for changes. The development and use of formative evaluations is a practice I will use to improve course content in the future.

Peer Review of Logic Model

In EDTECH 505, we utilized peer reviews to improve our evaluation projects as we progressed through the semster. Duirng this time, I eveluated a Logic Model for one of my peers that had not reach its highest quality potential. As I attempted to describe suggestions to my peer I realized that graphical represntation of the suggestions was more effective, than wiriting every suggestion out in great detail. I then used Photoshop to demonstrate my suggestions for improvement. When relaying feedback to students, peers, or players, there's are multiple mediums that can be used. In my own feild of work I've encorperated using videos, and still frames with call outs within my own coaching partices to provide addition representations of strategies for my students. This arifact demonstrates my ability faciliate evaluation using a technology based tool most appropriate and effective for the situation.

Logic Model Suggestions.JPG

Critique an Online Course

Critique and Online Course.JPG

In EDTECH 512, I had to use the Quality Matters Standards and OLC Quality Scorecard Suite  evaluation rubrics to review two courses of my choosing. After doing so, I then reflected on both evaluations forms, and discussed which framework I would use if I were to evaluate an online course professionally.  Going forward, when I am tasked with creating or evaluating an online course, I will use a formate similiar to the OLC Quality Scorecard Suite, as it provides detailed bench marks and goals for course design, as well as time estimates for making the necessary improvements to the course in question. This artifact demonstrates my ability to evaluate online curriculum to determine if the design of the course is effective, implemented properly, and how the course could be improved.

Needs Assessment

In EDTCH 503, I created a Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment was intended to outline what information the learners did and did not know with respect to the course being propesed within the ID Project. This artifact demonstrates the use of a tachnology facilitate assessmen, to allow for the creation of efficient and effective course content delivered through an online medium, in this case Discord. In my current line of work, knowing what skills specific players have is important for facilitating and creating a cohesive, successful team. As I have been working with a local high school, I utilized my knowledge of creating a needs assessment to ask quations to determine information the players lacked. 

Needs Assessment.JPG
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