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Demonstrate educational technology leadership in school and community through research and innovations in emerging teaching and learning environments (e.g., online, blended, mobile, game-based, competency-based).

PLO 5 Video 

Flipped Classroom Presentation

In EDTECH 501, I perfromed one of my first research project. This artifact demonstrates my ability to research an innovative educational teaching and learning eviroment, the flipped classroom. Flipped Classroom teaching applies to my current profession as a coach, because most of the learning a player does is on their own. I proved notes, VODs, and other resources that players review prior to practice. During practice they apply the information, and I help clear up misunderstandings and hone their skills. 

Flipped Classroom.JPG

Teaching Gamers the Art of Nonviolent Communication: Part 1

Teaching Gamers the Art of NVC.JPG

In EDTECH 503, I created the created a project about teaching Nonviolent Communication to Overwatch players. At the begining of this project I created a goal statement,  project rational, and audience description. This artifact demonstrates my ability to utilize the emerging teaching enviorment of competive gaming and discord to create educational content. Nonviolent Communication is revent to my current profession, as negative online behavior of players is an issue present within competative online gaming. Teaching players about such behavior is an issue that hasn't been addressed on a large scale, but I have addressed it with my own players and teammates.  As I progress in my career, I will draw on the skills I learned while creating this artifact to create new courses, and seminars about communication behaviors of players.   

Logic Model

In EDTECH 505, I was introduced to the "theory of change." A way of representing the theory of change is using a logic model. Through the development of this logic model, I discovered the importance of linking the goal with the process of change. This logic model went through multiple iterations before reaching this version. Logic models have the ability to represent an effort in a clear and easy-to-read manner. This artifact is relevent to my current work, as I I do hold a position as a profession esports caster. Being able to evaluate and review productions and broadcasts is a skill needed to continue to improve content produced by broadcasters and organizations as a whole. This artifact demonstrates my ability to perfrom research, and facilitate improvement through the emergent world of competitve esports and online Twitch live streaming.

Logic Model.JPG

Criteria for Quality Curation

Criteria for Curation.JPG

In EDTECH 543, I created a guide for content curation. This artifact was originally a blog post, that has since been converted to an info graphic.  This artifact demonstrates the uses fo reasearch about content curation to produce this guide to be utilized by myself, and my peers, when curating educational materials. The decision to convert this artifact from a blog post to an Infographic was made, beacuse I intend to refernce this guide whenn I gather resources online for my players. 

Positive Digital Footprint & Reputation Management Plan

In EDTECH 543, I create a guide to creating and mainting a positive digital footprint and repuation. This guide was created in PicktoChart, to allow for ithe material to be distrubted to my players. This artifact demonstrated the use of research within social media and online identity infomation to develope teaching materials. I intend to continue to develop and hoen this guide, and disribute the material to my future palyers when I am in a higher position of leadership within an epsorts organization.  

Digital FootPrint.JPG

Infographic about Proper Wrist Placement


In EDTECH 506, I created an infographic about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome using PiktoChart. This artifact demonstrates the use of research on the causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as well as measures that could be taken to decrease the chances of developing Carpal Tunnel. Then applying that research to create a teaching materials. This research is relevent to my current feild, as esports players are at risk of developing Carpla Tunnel Syndrome due to the reptative use of keyboards, mice, and the repative movements involved with cccompetative gaming. The artifact was created to be given to my players to reference during their playtime outside of practice. 

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